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A list of Deities that I would like to cover on the Celtic Paths Mailing list. If you have any information, please feel free to submit it to me, personally or on the Celtic Paths mailing list (if you are a member).

Each week, month - whatever :) That's not been decided yet...I will post the information received (as a URL eg. aine.html etc) for people to use as a reference when planning rituals, prayer etc.

Specific information I would like is any myths or legends surrounding the particular deity, sacred animals / plants / stones etc, what they stand for and in what type or ritual or spell would you call upon them for help / requests etc?

Anything else I am sure can fit in somewhere - maybe under miscellany :)

Please note: I am not excluding Deities from other places such as Wales or Gaul, but at the moment I am hoping to get some information on Irish Deities. When these are done, I will then start on Gaul or Wales or Britain.