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Celtic Paths Webring

If you want to join and you've submitted your site to the queue, now you need the HTML Fragment to place on your website. The graphics do not need to be uploaded to your own server (unless you'd prefer that) so all you need to do is cut and paste the HTML below and modify it so it is correct for your site.

If you'd like to view the "finished product" please go here and if you'd like to use the other HTML Fragment, then please go here

Replace --id-- with your Site ID
Replace --url-- with the URL of your site
Replace --title-- with the title of your site
Replace --name-- with your name
Replace --mail-- with your e-mail address
Simple :)

<p> <center> <FONT FACE ="Arial" SIZE =2> <a href=";id=--id--;prev"><IMG SRC="" ALT ="Previous Celtic Paths Website" BORDER=0></A> <a href=""><img src="" ALT ="Celtic Paths Webring Home" BORDER=0></A> <a href=";id=--id--;next"><IMG SRC ="" ALT ="Next Celtic Paths Website" BORDER=0></a><BR> This <a href="">CelticPaths</a> site is owned by <a href="mailto:--mail--">--name--</a>. <br> [ <a href=";id=--id--;prev5">Previous 5 Sites</a> | <a href=";id=--id--;next5">Next 5 Sites</a> | <a href=";random">Random Site</a> | <a href=";list">List Sites</a> ] </FONT> </center> <p>

Please note: The images used in that particular code are not the only images available for you to choose from. Go here to view the other set of images. If you decide you'd prefer to use the other set, please change the image URL's in the HTML Fragment.

If you need help changing the fragment, e-mail me and I'll help you out :)